Emprendedor Fest: Promoting the success of more than 600 entrepreneurs in Tijuana

Thanks to this event, local businesses have grown and prospered

Tijuana is known for its proximity to the United States, which makes it a place where dreams come true, for those who are looking for a life in another country or a new beginning in this border city, full of people from several different nationalities who wish for a better future for their families. Being a clear example of perseverance and success, Emprendedor Fest invites all local businesses to take part in the region's most important event where small businesses are the main star.

More than 600 entrepreneurs have grown thanks to Emprendedor Fest

Since its 1st edition, Emprendedor Fest has motivated the people of Tijuana to support local businesses, which with effort and dedication are looking to prosper in a world where big businesses corner most markets.

600 entrepreneurs have participated since 2021 in the last 11 editions, where thousands of people interested come here, making this the most important border region event. With each edition, at least 30 new additional entrepreneurs gather here.

Emprendedor Fest has an endless number of elements that make it stand out. This is thanks to its themed editions with unique elements such as photobooths, iconic characters of Tijuana such as El Mimo Moy and El Xolo Mayor, musical performances by local artists, and the famous and iconic Pet Catwalk.

Cashetita: the dog that got a second opportunity at Emprendedor Fest

It is important to note that not only local businesses have benefited from Emprendedor Fest Tijuana. Organizations such as Fundación Lele have joined this event, promoting responsible adoption and helping dogs get a second chance at life and such was the case with Cashetita.

Cashetita was found in a high school in the city along with its 7 newborn siblings and mother. Fundación Lele was warned about this situation and decided to pick up this dog family.

When the puppies were 2 months old, their adoption process began. Vivian, who is part of Fundación Lele and took care of these dogs firsthand, claimed:

...even though the process has been slow, with highs and lows, each of them has a wonderful family.

At first, Cashetita was adopted in December 2023. However, the people who adopted her turned out to not be the correct ones and she was returned to the foundation three weeks later with its heart broken and a lot of insecurity.

Two months passed before Cashetita was chosen to join another family, where she would meet her ideal partner, Alejandra, who arrived at the shelter of Fundación Lele looking with hope to adopt another dog after having her heart broken due to the loss of her previous dog partner.

Undoubtedly, Cashetita was the ideal partner for Alejandra, as she has been living with her for a month and has been living her best life next to her human and four siblings. Right now, three of Cashetita's siblings are still looking for a home.

Food, accessories, clothes, stationery, and more…

Emprendedor Fest has a great variety of businesses that Tijuana natives and tourists can visit at their different stands. In the gastronomic area, you'll be able to enjoy corndogs, Mexican snacks, tacos, desserts such strawberries with cream, jelly beans with chili pepper, boba tea, and more.

One of the most visited businesses in the last editions will come back: Takoyaki Bros, offering a menu with Japanese dishes such as teppanyaki and yakisoba and their famous, delicious, and authentic takoyakis.

As evidence of their popularity, aesthetic and coquette products and accessories will also be sold in this edition with a variety of ribbons, pins, stuffed animals, markers, Hello Kitty, Sanrio, K-pop, anime accessories, and much more.

Fashion will be part of this event both for humans and pets, offering the best clothes for the spring-summer season as you can enjoy the best quality, variety, and perfect prices for your closet. In addition, if you like vintage you will find clothes, jewelry, and collectables.

Emprendedor Fest has the best products for the whole family. Best of all is that you will be supporting small companies, local businesses, and artisans who receive help from consumers so that they can continue living their dream and growing as entrepreneurs, while also inspiring people to create their own business.

Powerful women: the important presence of entrepreneur women at this event

The first edition of Emprendedor Fest 2024 will take place on Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24, celebrating and highlighting the importance of women in the world. Conferences with Tijuana native female entrepreneurs such as Liliana Real, Sandi Lezama, Jazmín Olivas, Adriana Sánchez, Ale Uriarte, EMPOWHER, Ana Celina Araiza, and Ashley García will take place. They will give talks for attendants and women who wish to start their own business.

Alejandra Luqueño, proud entrepreneur and cimarron graduate from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC) is the creator of this event and, as the years have gone by, she has continued to support local entrepreneurs so that they can achieve their dream of being part of the business industry.

On the Emprendedor Fest website one can read:

Entrepreneur women have an innate power to make their own way towards success. Don't let stereotypes limit you; instead, make your talent shine and show to the world the extraordinary capability that you have to achieve it.

Entrepreneurs have told Alejandra that after being part of this event their businesses have prospered in several different aspects such as sales, higher number of clients, private events, setting up establishments, and obtaining national shipping.

To learn more about Emprendedor Fest, check out their social media pages:

Facebook: Emprendedor Fest Tjuana

Instagram: @emprendedorfest.tij

Website: Emprendedor Fest Tijuana


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