"Platicando con Pepe Avelar": Teffy Esquivel, an official with a close relationship with the community of Rosarito

Stephanie Esquivel is one of the young faces of Mexican politics with a novel vision of doing politics

Stephanie Esquivel, also known as "Teffy", is one of the young faces of new Mexican politics. She is a Rosarito native with deep roots who visited the show "Platicando con Pepe Avelar" in order to talk about her life and her professional future.

Teffy is a Licentiate in Law with a post-graduate degree in Public Administration. She is a single mother; just like her mother and father, she is a Playas de Rosarito native. Her first experiences, she remembers, were in the streets of the city, in front of Hotel Rosarito and the scenic road.

She decided to study Law in order to protect her family and city's ejidos, in order to listen to people’s needs and support her community, providing aid to the most vulnerable sectors.

Since then, her vocation has been to defend these communities and leaving a mark in several different areas. Currently she is a municipal official in Rosarito, but she has always kept herself close to public service and social work, since she was a student until she become councilor.

Something important about her education is the great interest that Teffy has for preserving and revaluing cultural traditions; while working in public administration she has promoted cultural events where she personally gets involved.

Teffy has been characterized for discovering needs and real issues, involving herself directly with the population. It is a huge universe, she says, and you have to be in contact with social leaders in order to listen to their concerns.

Teffy says that there is still a lot of work to be done in Rosarito and it is necessary to manage and establish good communication with the three levels of government and the people, for the wellbeing of all citizens.


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