Marina del Pilar inaugurated first Eje Central bridge in Mexicali

The governor of Baja California shared a video on social media of the finished project that has been nicknamed by Mexicali natives as a “Hot Wheels Track"

Photo by: Gobierno de Baja California

On Wednesday, February 28, the first Eje Central bridge located in Río Nuevo, Mexicali, was inaugurated.

On social media, the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, shared a video where she gave the starting flag signal to open this road project which was built in approximately 8 months.

"Thank to all of our citizens' comprehension, because in these last few months we know that we upset some people due to these projects. However, the results are worth it, we are going to reduce times by a lot," the governor said.

It is estimated that this first bridge will reduce waiting times from 20 minutes to virtually less than 5 minutes, benefiting approximately 80,000 vehicles that drive through this area daily.

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Regarding the second bridge, the Secretary of SIDURT, Arturo Espinoza Jaramillo, said that is expected that it will be ready before March 15, as it is necessary to install antiseismic dampers in the highest bridge.

"We have to lift this bridge with hydraulic jacks and install antiseismic pieces or earthquake sinks. We are doing this, but we still need to add four," Espinoza Jaramillo explained.

This project had an investment of around 165 million pesos, which were used to build both bridges.

Internet users compare this project to a Hot Wheels track

Governor Marina del Pilar thanked citizens' patience for the construction of this project and highlighted with her signature humor, her reaction to seeing Mexicali natives nickname it a "Hot Wheels track".

"That's where I got the idea to build this bridge (...) I saw the memes on social media and they are so good," the state governor said.

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