Installation of state-of-the-art technology will speed up crossings at Customs in Tijuana

This new checkup system will examine the vehicles through screens, speeding up the crossings of those who do not need a thorough inspection

Starting this week, a new system of non-intrusive inspection will begin to operate at Customs and it is expected that this leads to checkups at the Mexican port of entry to be carried out faster.

According to information provided by media outlet El Economista, by the head of Customs in Tijuana, Alejandro Robles Segura, this new X-ray technology promises greater efficiency when checking at the ports of entry, speeding up the process of those who do not need a thorough inspection.

"However, it should be noted that when a person arrives in Customs and then drives into a road in Tijuana, that takes a maximum of 25 minutes, if they don't have to get checked or need to pay extra taxes,” Robles Segura explained. He also said that this time has been achieved, after the National Guard began operations to speed up traffic flow.

This state-of-the-art technology will make checking vehicles easier for customs officials. Once they cross this area, they will be visualized on screens and if there's nothing interesting that should be examined, vehicles will be moved along quickly.

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Will waiting times decrease at the San Diego-Tijuana port of entry?

The head of Customs explained that due to the installation of this inspection system, it is expected that more lanes to access Tijuana are opened, which could impact waiting times.

However, he emphasized that they are still working with the Municipal Administration of Tijuana so that they can continue to repair the El Chaparral bridge and the access to roads that connect with Playas de Tijuana in order to prevent traffic jams and improve vehicular flow.

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"What I always say is that we have to be aware that this is a control port. It is customs. We are constantly discovering national security findings such as weapons, cartridges, and all of that is to benefit the city. We have to be patient and aware," Robles Segura concluded.

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