Successful Tijuana natives Don Miguel Ruiz and Marco Antonio Regil talk about impact of "The Four Agreements" in the digital era

Two distinguished personalities from Tijuana, Marco Antonio Regil and Don Miguel Ruiz, met to speak on Marco Antonio Regil's podcast about the relevance of "The Four Agreements" in today's world

The renowned book "The Four Agreements" continues to resonate in contemporary society, providing fundamental principles for daily life. Written by acclaimed Tijuana native author, Don Miguel Ruiz, this book has been a bestseller since it was published in 1997, making his author famous all over the world.

Recently, two distinguished personalities from Tijuana, Marco Antonio Regil and Don Miguel Ruiz, met to speak on Marco Antonio Regil's podcast about the relevance of "The Four Agreements" in today's world. In a world that has been increasingly dominated by technology and social media, the wisdom of this book can be critical.

During their conversation, they spoke about how technology has amplified certain aspects of popularity and the challenges that occur when opinions are glorified and end up damaging people.

The Power of Words

Due to this, Don Miguel Ruiz shared invaluable advice: "I am responsible of what I say, not of what you understand." This statement underscores the importance of clarity and responsibility in communication, especially in a digital world where words can have a massive and impactful reach.

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Marco Podcast
Marco Podcast

Another important issue addressed was the concept of being impeccable with words, one of the four agreements shown in the book. Marco Antonio Regil spoke about this issue, recognizing the power that words have to influence our lives and others'.

Don Miguel Ruiz explained that being impeccable with words means to choose them carefully, as improper words can lead to chaos and suffering, depending on the interpretation and reaction of people.

In addition, he stressed how "The Four Agreements" continue to be relevant in the digital age, as they offer a timeless guide to create a life full of authenticity and completeness.

The Four Agreements is like having a guide

Ruiz described his book as a "pocket guide", highlighting its ability to transform the reader's mind and provide a certain stability when making decisions and interacting with an increasingly complex world.

During this conversation, they also addressed the issue of doubt as a tool to reach truth. Don Miguel Ruiz emphasized the importance of doubt in our process of self-knowledge and determination of our true wishes. "With the power of doubt, that which was illogical disappears, which allows for greater freedom," Ruiz said, highlighting how questioning allows us to discern with greater clarity and frees us from our self-imposed limitations.

How can I be firm with my words when others attack me?

When the interview was almost over, Marco Antonio Regil asked Don Miguel Ruiz a very important question: "How can I be firm with my words when others attack me?". Wisely, Ruiz responded that the key is in not taking it personally, recognizing that for those who attack us, we are just simply a character that they have created to slander.

In professional and legal situations, the author advises people to keep themselves away from drama and leave issues in the hands of lawyers, while on the personal side, he emphasizes the importance of resisting the temptation of responding to the attack, as anger can lead to regrettable errors.

Experience with death

During this conversation, they also spoke about how close Don Miguel Ruiz was to dying, surprising Marco Antonio, as this is the third heart that the author has. Due to this reveal, Regil asked Ruiz if he had ever experienced an extra sensorial occurrence related to death to which the author responded that he hadn't. In addition, he claimed that there is nothing after death, a statement that has left other hosts shocked including world famous host Oprah Winfrey.

Both concluded that "The Four Agreements" is a type of gym for the soul, where each of the principles are practiced in order to reach a goal: the freedom to be oneself. As Ruiz points out, "you have the right to be whoever you want, without having to be defined by others' expectations."

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VIDEO: Don Miguel Ruiz and Marco Antonio Regil, two distinguished Tijuana native individuals, talk about the Four Agreements in the digital age


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