Downpours are back! Tijuana prepares itself for a rainy start of week

Prepare yourself because chances of rain are very high. Learn all about it.

Rain has been constant in Tijuana since winter began and temperature changes have also been quite frequent. It has been several weeks in which there has been at least one rainy day, and this upcoming week which will start on February 26 doesn't seem to be any different.

According to weather website, Meteored there will be rain both on Monday 26 and on Tuesday 27. There is a 70% chance of rain for Monday and a 60% chance of rain for Tuesday.

It is expected that rain begins tomorrow at 2 PM and continues until 11 PM, with some interruptions. On Tuesday, it is expected that rain begins at 2 AM and then it will come back at 11 AM.

Good news is that everything seems to indicate that these showers will be light, especially the ones on Tuesday. However, it is expected for rain to come back on Saturday as there is a 90% of heavy rain on that day.

Maximum temperatures for this week will be 19°C, and the coldest day of the week will be Thursday with 9°C.

Remember to always keep an eye on weather forecasts and updates as weather tends to change suddenly.


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