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Public servants of the Municipal Administration of Tijuana are trained in electoral matters

The training "Blindaje Electoral" has as a main goal to prepare public servants for work that will benefit the population

The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, reiterated once more the commitment that she has with citizens and the staff of the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana, with whom she met with in order to train them due to the beginning of the electoral campaigns that are upcoming, always looking out for the wellbeing and defense of democracy.

Public servants, part of the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana, among them councilors, secretaries, directors, and other collaborators, participated in the training "Blindaje Electoral", taught by the Specialized Prosecution of Electoral Crimes of Baja California (FEPADE BC) led by Marina Ceja Díaz.

"The best way to reconciliate our citizens with political actors and their institutions is to honor the commitment with transparency and accountability, because today we have critical and vigilant citizens. We begin with ourselves, for the defense and protection of others," Caballero Ramírez said as the course began.

The mayor claimed that due to the upcoming elections that will take place in Tijuana and the state, everyone is obligated to take care, respect, and act appropriately as public servants.

"I am sure that your commitment with legality and democracy will be reflected in all agencies and delegations in order to make sure that the benefits really reach those who need it the most, in a transparent and legal manner, without any kind of party conditioning," the mayor of Tijuana said.

At this training, legal provisions in valid electoral matters in the state and in the country are addressed with issues such as electoral crimes, the electoral ban, and government, electoral, and political propaganda, among other relevant issues that need to be adjusted during electoral times.

For her part, the attorney specialized in Assistance Regarding Electoral Crimes in Baja California, Marina Ceja Díaz, recognized the commitment of the 24th Municipal Administration to act in order and by following the law while also working together in a team and promoting this type of professionalization training.

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