Marina del Pilar strengthens Baja California's socioeconomic bonds with Arizona

It is the second day in which the governor of Baja California is in this American state in order to strengthen binational relations

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, through strategic meetings with government, academic, and business leaders of Arizona, strengthened the bonds between both border states and created conditions to boost the talent of young people to ensure a more prosperous future.

Besides holding a meeting with Footprint, leading company in circular sustainable economy, dedicated to creating environmentally friendly recyclable products, the state governor spoke about the development opportunities of the binational region with the governor of Arizona, Kattie Hobbs, with whom she spoke about the importance of key sectors such as the semiconductor, aerospace, and medical industries.

At this meeting, Marina del Pilar highlighted the relevance of keeping an institutional relation between two women who are governors of their states that have great potential to apply nearshoring. In addition, she also spoke about boosting growing Baja Californian talent and the need to maintain permanent academic and economic exchanges.

As part of her work schedule, Marina del Pilar led a meeting with members of the Arizona Commerce Authority where international cooperation mechanisms for innovation and technological security were reviewed.

She emphasized that they have worked in Baja California hand in hand with universities in order to improve young people's skills in different industrial areas, which, alongside nearshoring, makes Baja California one of the favorite states to invest in the country.

On other hand, Marina del Pilar signed an intention letter with the mayor of Phoenix, Kate Gallego, where they agreed to work together to benefit the binational shared mega region through actions that promote the market development of both states.

Lastly, she said that some of the main universities of Baja California will work in cooperation with the University of Arizona to boost specialized talent and adapt it to several goals of key industries in the binational region.

Besides the governor, the agreement was signed by the dean of Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC), Enrique Palafox; the dean of CETYS Universidad, Fernando León; the dean of Universidad Tecnológica de Tijuana (UTT), Salvador Morales; the dean of Universidad Iberoamericana, Florentino Badial, and the vice president of Arizona State University, Nancy Gonzales.

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