Lovers spend up to 900 dollars on flower arrangements in Tijuana on Valentine's Day

These are some of the flower shops that offered their services on February 14 in Tijuana

Today, most of the world is celebrating Valentine's Day, patron saint of all lovers, and as tradition mandates, to demonstrate their love and everything that cannot be said with words, a bouquet of flowers as a gift is almost a necessity.

Tijuana natives are not immune to the magic of this day and, as such, have purchased their flower arrangements before February 14.

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Today, the magic of florists is made available for all lovers to see, who don't even think twice before requesting flower arrangements that can have prices of up to $16,000 pesos ($900 dollars). However, there is no small arrangement, and there is always a lover that gives a single rose as a sign of genuine interest.

Among all the flower shops, here are some of the most popular ones in Tijuana due to their vast catalogue and prices that you can visit whenever you feel like giving a nice, high-quality gift.

Roses Kingdom

Located at Blvd Sanchez Taboada #10291 Local 9, Zona Urbana Río Tijuana, it is one of the most original flower shops in Tijuana. With a great variety of designs, perfect to gift at any time of the year, it is especially perfect for February 14. Prices vary depending on the buyer and the number of roses that you wish to include in the arrangement, but generally arrangements can range between $200 pesos to even beyond $10,000 pesos.

Florería Boutique by EriCo.

Located at Avenida de las Ferias, 12779, this flower shop has a natural essence where flower arrangements with soft, warm, and clear hues as well as red passionate roses abound. Their flower arrangements range from $160 pesos per bouquet to more than $1000 pesos. An excellent option to celebrate friends with a flower arrangement.

Florería El Pingüino

Located at Colonia Marrón, on Avenida Rosales and Calle 10, this flower shop offers a 24-hour service for those people who are always late. Florería El Pingüino has a special service for the week of February 14, which consists of opening on February 13 and February 14 for 24 hours, until supplies last. So, if you think there won't be any flower shops available at night, here is a good option so you don't disappoint anyone on Valentine’s Day.

Siento Bonito

Located at Paseo Ensenada, 1021, Secc. Jardines en Playas de Tijuana, Florería Siento Bonito has a great selection of flower arrangements with a young and joyful essence, full of light touches, perfect to give as a present any day of the year. From yellow to pink, from pink to blue, in each flower that is gifted, something will definitely get better.

These are some of the flowers in Tijuana that you can check out if you want to surprise that special someone. A flower without saying a single word, always tells us a lot.

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