"Platicando con Pepe Avelar": David Saúl Guakil tells us his political and business vision for Tijuana

The businessman said that it is not just about insisting on the business area, but knowing how to resist defeats

Every time he is asked about where is from, David Saúl Guakil answers that he is from Tijuana, despite the fact that he was born in Mexico City.

David Saúl Guakil, one of the most important businessmen of Tijuana, was in "Platicando con Pepe Avelar" where he spoke about his beginnings in the business and political world. He says that his companies are administered by him and his family; he doesn't have any associates and says that this familial touch is what has made everything he has done successful.

During his career, however, he has had highs and lows. He says that to be an entrepreneur one not only needs to insist on projects, but resist the momentaneous defeats that life gives you. That is the key, he says, and that is what distinguishes those who keep moving forward and those who are left behind.

His introduction to political life began when he was a young adult at 26 years old. He remembers when the managing director of Dorian's, don Enrique Ríos, invited him to be councilor and represent him as Tijuana's clothing association's president.

During 1995 and 1996, he was the president of the National Chamber of Commerce (CONACO) in Tijuana and, since then, he has been a part of public life. Currently, he is a member of the Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) party and a Senate candidate.

Regarding party colors, the businessman says that what is truly important is the wellbeing of the city where you serve. During the election and the campaign defending a party is valid, but besides that, what is important is to continue to move forward by oneself.

David Saúl Guakil is convinced, regarding infrastructure matters, that growth cannot be stopped, but one can develop infrastructure according to the needs of people.

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