Services of Subdirección de Diversidad e Inclusión in Tijuana will be strengthened to benefit the LGBTTTIQ+ community

This agency promotes non-discrimination and respect for this part of the population

Mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, who leads the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana, has stood out for having an inclusive government; through the Subdepartment of Diversity and Inclusion, it has provided services to the LGBTTTIQ+ community.

A little bit over two years since its creation, this agency from the Social Communication and Public Relations Agency, strengthens every day the services that are provided to this part of the population in order to promote non-discrimination and respect to the community with a commitment to uphold their rights.

Edoardo Rodríguez Delgado, head of this Subdepartment, said that as part of the services provided by the agency he leads, in 2023, 190 same-sex marriages and 49 successful cases of gender identity change were carried out.

Another action by his agency is the creation of "Puntos Arcoíris" (Rainbow Spots), inclusive areas that create spaces free of discrimination for the community which are also complemented with talks and guidance for several companies.

Since the first day of the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana, the promotion, assistance, and visibility of the rights of the members of this community have been worked on, which is why important progress has been achieved on this matter.

"Last year we had the visit of the late magistrate Jesús Ociel Baena Saucedo, who spoke about their career in their struggle to achieve the rainbow quota in local, federal, and municipal legislatures," Rodríguez Delgado stated.

Moreover, several training courses for public servants have been done in several agencies of this municipal government as well as workshops about the rights of the LGBTTTIQ+ community, where the most adequate way to assist members of this community, while always respecting their human rights, is taught.

In addition, staff of the Tax Service Administration (SAT) received their first training regarding inclusion and sex-gender diversity matters, where questions were responded during an active participation activity.

"We are about to classify them as a Rainbow Spot so that they can be part of the inclusion of this 24th Municipal Administration, those interested and committed with this issue, as they are part of the inclusion of a Tijuana for everyone," the official said.

Rodríguez Delgado pointed out that in the last few days, they attended the "Un Alto a la Transfobia" pacific march as observers in order to make sure that no rights were violated during this march.

In addition, among the services offered by this agency, there are psychological and legal assistance, assistance to families on sexual diversity, and the delivery of economic aid linked to the Secretariat of Wellbeing and its agencies.

This agency also accompanies members of this community so that they can carry out several municipal procedures. This includes people from other states or abroad so that they do the necessary procedures in order to make their stay in the city easier.

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