Teffy Esquivel is leading MORENA candidate for the mayor's office of Playas de Rosarito

This MORENA party member is leading polls in MORENA regarding the election of the mayor's office of Playas de Rosarito

The 2024 elections in Mexico are getting closer and closer and the fifth municipality of Baja California is gearing up to define its candidates. Regarding the MORENA party, Rosarito native Teffy Esquivel is currently the frontrunner.

This has been revealed by several polls that have placed her as the leading candidate to compete for the Playas de Rosarito elections and have even given her great possibilities of winning the election.

Teffy Esquivel worked at the Municipal DIF office for the 8th Municipal Administration of Rosarito. Later, she was the first councilor of Mayor Araceli Brown’s cabinet in the 9th Administration where she presided over three commissions, a historical event for this municipality: the Commission of Citizen Security, Mobility, and Urban Development.

Some of the actions that Esquivel has carried out were reforms to several laws, including for the Civil Protection Agency and the Firefighter Department; as the director of Economic and Social Development, she achieved the development of more than 500 Rosarito native entrepreneurs; and she also boosted the creation of jobs and the diversification of local gastronomy.

Who is Teffy Esquivel?

Esquivel represents the face of a great part of Mexico. She is a young public servant, single mother, entrepreneur, and represents one of the new profiles in Mexican politics.

More than a guarantee for MORENA, she represents a guarantee for all Rosarito natives, who have been witnesses of this through the continuity of wellbeing and social justice programs.

Daughter of parents from ejidos with strong roots in this municipality, Esquivel is proof that constant and honest work bears fruit. She is a licentiate in Law with a master’s in Civil Service.

Her commitment with people has made her the best option to take office as the mayor of Playas de Rosarito to continue transforming this municipality.

Teffy Esquivel and her closeness with people

Recently, Teffy participated in several recreational and cultural promotion activities, for example, through sports activities for Rosarito native children. She was also involved in events such as "La Feria del Tamal" that highlights the great varieties of presentations of this ancient Mexican dish.

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