Marina del Pilar provides assistance as sixth winter storm passes through Baja California

A work plan with federal authorities has been carried out to support the municipalities that experienced more incidents

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, carried out supervision and follow up assistance actions offered by the state administration after the entry of the sixth winter storm to the region. This is in order to address damages to infrastructure caused by weather phenomena and provide social aid to families.

During her exploration of Colonia Nueva Esperanza, the state governor highlighted the coordination that she has with the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana and the work plan carried out by the State Commission of Public Utilities of Tijuana (CESPT) to clean and desalt. Aid was also delivered by the Secretariat of Wellbeing that has prioritized assistance to all people by delivering basic baskets, tarps, blankets, and several supplies.

Accompanied by Secretary Francisco Garza Ceseña and the head of CESPT, Jesús García Castro, the state governor spoke directly with neighbors of Colonia Nueva Esperanza in Zona Este Tijuana, where actions have been carried out to get rid of puddles that temporarily affected mobility, using machinery by this water agency.

Neighbors spoke about their concerns with Governor Marina del Pilar, especially regarding social assistance, and water treatment and supply, which were recorded by the proper authorities in order to follow up promptly and continue to make progress for a more dignified life for all residents of this neighborhood, with a greater emphasis on vulnerable groups.

Marina del Pilar stated that in the next few days she will stay in the city of Tijuana to tour the most affected areas and get information to establish a restoration plan due to the storm, applying programs from the Secretariat for the Management, Treatment, and Protection of Water (SEPROA), the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Urban Development, and Territory Redesign (SIDURT), the Secretariat of Wellbeing, and other institutions involved in offering solutions to the population.

Gastro Castro explained that the assistance plan for affected areas includes the strengthening of the sanitary drainage network and the potable water drainage network, and regarding Colonia Nueva Esperanza and nearby communities, this positively impacts 1,740 families. Meanwhile Garza Ceseña said that a census of affected people has been carried out in order to adequately channel resources.

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