Another one! New storm will bring showers to Tijuana in a few days

Rain still hasn't yet completely ended

Baja California and, specifically, Tijuana have gone through long periods of rain in 2024, with historic showers that have caused several disasters and problems in the city. Many would think that after all this rain there wouldn't be anymore, however, this is not what is happening.

More rain for Tijuana: New storm is coming to the city

In the latest episode of his podcast "Tijuana Transparente", Miguel Ángel Ceballos Ramírez, Director of Civil Protection Tijuana, revealed the weather forecast for the next few days, where a new storm is expected to arrive in the city.

According to forecasts, at 10 PM on Wednesday a new cell will arrive that will bring significant showers to the city. On Thursday, light showers and rain are expected to continue in certain areas of Tijuana, especially in the city's high areas.

After this a "dry" period is expected but, approximately one week later, a new storm will arrive in the region, which will bring the same weather conditions that have been experienced in the last few days.

Weather websites have forecasted that these showers will arrive on February 19. One should, however, keep an eye on announcements by authorities to learn more about these forecasts.

They are also recommending people to have an emergency plan in case of disasters or accidents at home, along with a bag with essential belongings and emergency items in case one needs to go to a shelter.

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