How much longer will rain in Tijuana last this week?

Find out the weather forecast for the next few days

Since the afternoon of Monday, February 5, showers came back to the city after a relatively calm weekend, with low temperatures and strong winds. Since Tuesday, February 6, rain has continued to fall in the city with periods of greater intensity.

How much longer will rain in Tijuana last this week?

According to weather websites, it is expected for rain to continue until Thursday, February 8, with chances ranging from 60% to 90%. During these days, maximum temperatures will range between 15°C and 14°C.

Not many people like these weather conditions, as they significantly affect homes and streets in the city, which can flood or cause accidents. That’s why it is important to keep an eye on announcements by Civil Protection and authorities regarding closure of roads and risk areas.

What is happening in Tijuana right now?

These showers have created several different incidents in the city, from neighborhoods lacking in water due to electrical failures affecting water supply systems, landslides, flooded streets, and more.

The Firefighter Department of Tijuana has reported that from 6 AM to 12 PM on Tuesday, the following reports made to the emergency hotline have been dealt with:

  • 2 rollovers
  • 1 attempted home robbery
  • 1 collision
  • A flood
  • A short circuit
  • A gas leak
  • A stuck elevator

How will the weather be in Tijuana in the next few days?

As previously mentioned, light showers are expected until Thursday, February 8. Starting on that day, there is no forecast of rain from February, Friday 9 to Sunday, February 18, and there will even be some sunny days and a slight increase in temperatures.

However, this same website reports that on Monday, February 19, there will be a new series of showers, though it is unknown how many days they will last.

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