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It's not just Tijuana! I-5 and other areas in San Diego flooded after storm

Disaster in highways due to rain in San Diego County

The storm has not just been a disaster for Tijuana as it has sadly left a lot of damages in San Diego County as the rain has caused flooded roads, traffic accidents, and aquatic rescues.

Through several videos on social media, one can see I-5 completely flooded with water which is why authorities are asking people to keep themselves safe due to the wet ground and the constant streaming of water which can still cause serious problems.

Regarding this, National Weather Service (NWS) stated the following:

Rainfall today has caused flooded streets, including in I-5 and in central San Diego. Rain and storm in these areas will continue until the evening in our warning area. Keep yourselves safe.

More areas affected by rain

The Coronado area and Encanto have been some of the most affected as several cars have been dragged by water currents due to sudden floods. The good news is that the cars that were dragged away were empty, however, the wipers were on, which is why it is believed that the cars were turned on.

That’s why, authorities have recommended people to not go out today:

This is a dangerous and potentially fatal situation. Don't try to drive unless you are fleeing a zone prone to floods or due to an evacuation order.

Areas that are completely flooded

  • Avenida del Rio between Riverwalk Drive and Camino de la Reina
  • Camino De La Reina between Camino De La Siesta and Avenida Del Rio
  • San Diego Mission Road between Fairmount Avenue and Caminito Yucatan
  • Mission Center Road between Hazard Center Drive and Camino De La Reina
  • Hazard Center Drive between Avenida Del Rio and DoubleTree Hotel roundabout
  • Camino Del Esta between Station Village Lane and Camino De La Reina
  • Ward Road at Camino Del Rio North.

What is is I-5?

It is the westernmost highway in the United States, and its odd number indicates that it is a highway with a north-to-south direction. Its southern end is also the US-Mexico border.

In addition, I-5 is the only interstate highway that reaches both Mexican and Canadian borders.

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