Montserrat Caballero administration invests more than 7.5 million pesos in firefighter equipment

Heroes need their work weapons and more tools to carry it out

The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, delivered 3 2024 pipes and extra equipment to the Firefighter Department to support their heroic labor, with an investment of more than 7.5 million pesos.

Brave women and men dedicated to protect the city carried out 17,000 services in 2023, which equals to 46 daily reports 24/7, the mayor recalled during this delivery where she was accompanied by the Secretary of Security and Municipal Citizen Protection (SSPCM), Fernando Sánchez González.

That's why, "very happily I share that, thanks to own resources from the Municipal Administration of Tijuana, we will deliver 3 new pipes with a capacity of 6,000 liters, because it looks easy, but I know the effort, the sweat that this takes, and sometimes they are not even acknowledged," the mayor said.

In front of the Secretary of the Interior, Miguel Ángel Bujanda Ruiz, she said that as municipal authorities, they do what they must to provide the necessary tools and conditions so that firefighters carry out their work in the best conditions possible.

In addition, alongside Union Attorney, Rafael Leyva Pérez, she insisted that labor conditions have been making progress. This is in regards to their enrollment in ISSTECALI, which equals to a comprehensive prevision plan that will provide them with a right to medical services and quotes for their retirement, something that has never happened before in this agency.

The mayor said that, regarding progress in labor matters, the 24th Municipal Administration complements the necessary materials so that firefighters can carry out their heroic work in a proper and safe manner.

Alongside Firefighter Director, Rafael Carrillo Venegas, Caballero Ramírez revealed that these 2024 pipes will be used at stations 2, 11, and 12 and they will be accompanied by 30 Y-shaped pipes, 130 segments of hose, and 15 suction hoses with a total investment of 655,466 pesos plus the 6,918,967 pesos of the three new pipes.

In front of senior official, Marcelo Machain Servin, the mayor is sure that operations at this agency will be benefited greatly thanks to the strengthening of this equipment, because heroes need their work weapons and more tools, the mayor said.

She also pointed out that this administration takes care of the heroic firefighter department just like they take care of Tijuana natives 24/7/365.

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