Baja California

Civil Protection asks people to reduce mobility during snowfall in Baja California

Authorities have warned about the freezing of asphalt due to low temperatures, which could cause problems when driving

The Secretariat of the Government (SGG), through the State Coordination of Civil Protection (CEPC), encourages people to reduce mobility on highways, especially during snowfall or sleet periods in the state during winter, which is something that is currently happening in Baja California.

The head of the CEPC, Salvador Cervantes Hernández, stated that, after the first snowfall of 2024, low temperatures will continue in the state, which is why it is necessary for people to keep themselves informed on official media due to the possible closures of highways because of adverse weather conditions.

In addition, they urge people to not go to snowy areas for fun before or after snowfall or sleet, as low temperatures can freeze asphalt, putting people's safety at risk.

Highway roads that will be mostly affected during the winter season are highway Tecate-Mexicali, El Hongo, high areas of La Rumorosa, as well as Sierra Juárez and San Pedro Mártir, the official explained.

Lastly, Cervantes Hernández underscored that if anyone wants to go to a snowy area, they must wait until the critical point of the storm is over. They must also take necessary precautions such as having a car in good conditions, wear warm clothes, and have phones available in case of emergency.

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