Baja Californian doctors will be trained to address psychological issues

Anxiety and depression are the most common cases among citizens

Medical staff of Baja California will be trained to identify and treat people with mental health problems, among which there are anxiety and depression. This information was given by José Abel Delgado Peraza, head of the Health Services Jurisdiction of Tijuana (JSST).

That's why, he said, they will be offered permanent training, an action that will include interns and nursing staff.

This usually means treating patients dealing with nervousness, excessive worry, muscle stiffness in the neck or back, headaches, and tingling in face or hands, which are some of the symptoms that may appear.

Christmas season, whether at the beginning or end of the year, can be a trigger for patients with emotional issue tendencies, which is why special importance is given to these days.

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Regarding a state like Baja California, migrants tend to also have emotional disorders due to being far away from their home and loved ones.

It is also common for patients to get a consultation thinking they have some sort of serious or chronic disease and, though it is true that there may be some sort of change in their lab results, anxiety symptoms are the most prevalent.

A portion of these patients can be treated immediately while waiting for a specific amount of time. If there is no improvement, they can be referred to available health services such as the Tijuana General Hospital or the Psychiatry Institute of Baja California.

What's important, the head of JSST said, is that they receive comprehensive medical assistance and no symptoms are ignored that could lead to treatments being abandoned or other consequences. That's why it is very important to have effective communication with patients and their family members.

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