CECUT shares giant rosca de reyes with more than 3,000 people

This giant king cake was 707.48 meters long, the biggest one ever made in Tijuana

Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT) shared the classic rosca de reyes (king cake) on Saturday, January 6 with more than 3,000 residents and tourists in the city at this institute's terrace.

This giant rosca de reyes is 707.48 meters long, one of the biggest ones ever made in the city. It was made by students of Licentiate of Gastronomy at Universidad Vizcaya de las Américas Tijuana Campus, led by Dheydalli Selena Meza Corona, Coordinator of the Gastronomy degree and it was paired with a classic cup of hot chocolate.

According to what was reported by coordinator Dheydalli, the making of this rosca took 48 hours and 500 students and 5 teachers participated.

As it is a tradition every year, this rosca de reyes went around the IMAX dome and it was shared in around 10 minutes among 3,000 people that were present. This delicious cake was accompanied by delicious hot chocolate.

While celebrating this event, there were a series of cultural events such as theater plays, modern and classic dances like ballet, among other artistic expressions.

Hundreds of people and whole families filled this cultural venue little by little in an atmosphere full of warm and togetherness. More than 200 gifts were given to children that got the Christ child figurine in their piece of cake.

Dr. Vianka said that these events are of great importance to keep Mexican traditions alive as they function as a way to strengthen family and community bonds in Tijuana. As such, she says, CECUT is one of the main gathering spots in the border city.

This rosca de reyes was made thanks to the sponsorship of Universidad Vizcaya de las Américas Tijuana Campus, Jersey, El Molino, Coca-Cola, Papelerías Monerick, Aquamart, Agua Vida, ABC Paseos, DTour, TEBSA, D'Volada Café, Megaprint, Fundación Delia Ruiz, Sindetel, Century 21, CI Servicios de B.C., Star Milk, Little Caesar, and Dulcería La Canasta.

An ambiance of harmony and healthy fun took place in the afternoon of Saturday, January 6 at Centro Cultural Tijuana, during the celebrations of one of the traditions that strengthens our identity and bonds to help us come together.

To learn more, check out the official CECUT website:

Facebook: Centro Cultural Tijuana

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