Marina del Pilar gives first retirement pensions to police officers in Baja California

Congress recently approved the initiative sent by state governor Marina del Pilar

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, announced the authorization of the first 41 retirement pensions for state police officers on International Police Officer Day. This is thanks to a special trust created by the Secretariat of Finance and the State Council.

These were given to two agents of the Secretariat of Citizen Security, 16 of the penitentiary system, and 23 from the State Attorney General's Office, whose benefits came from Extraordinary Session of the Technical Committee of Trust 851-02916, which corresponds to agents' benefits.

In addition, Marina del Pilar stated that there 198 cases that have been historically paid a humanitarian pension, and that a single agreement was made to guarantee that none of them are paid less than 18,000 monthly pesos. This pension will also be updated every year according to the National Rate of Consumer Prices (INPC) and will be able to be inherited to couples who are married or in cohabitation.

"The way we say thanks and recognize your great work is by making your profession dignified, giving you better benefits, legal certainty, and adequate equipment so that you can work," she said, highlighting the support from the state government who approved the trust, the Secretariat of Finance led by Marco Antonio Moreno Mexía, and the Judicial Council, led by Juan José Pon Méndez.

Marina del Pilar invited all municipal administrations to use this fund to benefit all municipal agents, as this is a way to provide justice and benefit those who gave their lives to protect everyone. It should be noted that Tecate and San Felipe are part of this framework, while Mexicali, Ensenada, and San Quintin have shown willingness.

On the other hand, the governor delivered economic aid to benefit 2,251 agents of SSCBC and the penitentiary system with an amount of 7,925,000 pesos as a way to show thanks from Baja Californian society for the efforts they carry out to provide security for all people.

At this event, the following people were present: State Attorney General, Ma. Elena Andrade Ramírez; Secretary of Citizen Security of Baja California, General Leopoldo Tizoc Aguilar Durán; General Francisco Javier Zubia González, commander of the Second Military Zone; chief commissioner Jorge Enrique Martínez Medina, state coordinator of the National Guard of Baja California; Jorge Víctor Vázquez Zárate, representing the Second Navy Region, and José Gabriel Gálvez, commissioner of the State Penitentiary System, among other special guests.

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