Municipal Administration of Tijuana teaches more than 10,000 people about CBP One appointment process

The Municipal Agency of Migrant Assistance (DMAM) provided more than 9,500 trainings regarding asylum process requests through the CBP One app

The municipal administration of Tijuana provided more than 9,500 trainings regarding asylum process requests on the CBP One app, through the Municipal Agency of Migrant Assistance (DMAM).

The head of DMAM, Enrique Lucero Vázquez, explained that users received guidance and training regarding the correct use of the app, which represents the only way to provide a safe, ordered, and humane process for asylum seekers so that they can schedule an appointment at US ports of entry.

He pointed out that this service is mainly requested through the DMAM unit installed at the San Ysidro port of entry, where most foreign and national people usually go to in order to fill out asylum request forms.

Lucero Vázquez highlighted that this assistance is mostly due to the changes in immigration policies such as the change to the CBP One app that occurred in January 2023.

He explained that current immigration flow is stable due to the daily crossings of 400 people that are requesting asylum at the El Chaparral port of entry, which is why the shelter network has enough available spaces for immigrants and refugees who need it.

This assistance for people who are currently moving is very important because it prevents people from being scammed or tricked by alleged lawyers that offer CBP One appointments or humanitarian permits to be admitted more quickly into the US in exchange for large amounts of money, something that ends up being false, he emphasized.

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