Municipal Administration of Tijuana will strengthen operations in bars and night clubs due to New Year celebrations

Agents of the Inspection and Verification Agency will deploy several operations in 9 delegations of the city

The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, announced the strengthening of supervision operations in bars and night clubs due to New Year's celebrations that will take place at several different points in the city. This is in order to safeguard the safety of the city's inhabitants.

The Municipal Inspection and Verification Agency stated that a force of up to 100 inspectors will be deployed in the entire city, supervising that commercial establishments are following the law and are guaranteeing safety for their clients.

Michel García Arceo, coordinator of this agency, explained that among the things they'll verify is that bars and night clubs follow the State Alcohol Law of Baja California which includes having metal detectors, panic buttons, surveillance cameras, and certified security guards.

Also, every establishment must have fire extinguishers, evacuation routes in case of emergency, not allow excessive capacity, and not allow minors in.

"Mayor Montserrat Caballero is betting on prevention and the only thing we want is a Tijuana that is safe for everyone; that's why we are making sure that they are following the rules with a special operation in the 9 delegations," she emphasized.

In addition to the bar and night club operation, members of the agency will maintain the "Navidad en Orden" program active to detect and deal with the sales of fireworks, whose use and commercialization is forbidden in the municipality.

The 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana reiterates its zero tolerance policy to people who break municipal laws and also reaffirms its commitment with all Tijuana natives through this special operation whose goal is to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of the community during this festive weekend.

In case you detect any irregularity or risk situation at these establishments, you can report incidents through the agency’s WhatsApp number at the following number: (664) 616-3339.

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