Mayor of Tijuana inaugurates drainage system at Presa Abelardo L. Rodríguez

This project was an investment from Ramo 33 that exceeds 16 million pesos

The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, inaugurated the drainage channel system "Teotihuacanos" that had been requested for 30 years by neighbors of La Presa A.L.R. delegation as part of the commitments she has made with the people of Tijuana.

"When it rains you won't be afraid that water floods your homes or avenues, that is why I congratulate myself of being here with you again not with words, but working together with deeds and results," the mayor said during the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The construction of this drainage channel, between Bulevar Hermenegildo Galeana and Calle Camino a Tenochtitlán, was carried out in four stages to enable the open sky channel, the adaptation of the potable water network and drainage, and the construction of four vehicular crossing bridges to connect Bulevar Las Torres and Ruta Hidalgo.

This project represents an investment of 16,627,429.69 pesos with federal resources from Ramo 33 and it will make an impact in at least 5,000 inhabitants of the eastern zone.

"These are the last days of December and I am still paving streets, I am still doing projects like this one, and let's not even mention the Christmas dinners, that is a luxury that we gave to those who have the least because we need to become a community, worry about what is important, worry about our environment," mayor Montserrat Caballero emphasized.

The mayor claimed that these projects are achieved thanks to her government's commitment and the teamwork between neighbors and the municipal administration, always united to achieve the wellbeing of Tijuana's families, promoting development and safeguarding their lives and assets.

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