Owl is saved from being run over in California and stops to take a selfie as thanks

This type of interactions doesn’t happen every day

Nature is very unpredictable and though wild animals never seek contact with humans, sometimes unexpected meetings can happen. An example of this happened to an officer in California.

Owl takes picture with California police officer

California Highway Patrol shared on social media an unexpected, but cute meeting where an owl was part of a selfie picture with an officer.

According to the information shared on this post, the officer saw something on the highway that looked like a rock. When he stopped, he was surprised to learn that it was actually a small owl which is why he safely removed it from the streets.

As he did this, the owl placed itself on the officer's shoulder, posed for a photo, and took off flying. The officer had enough time to take a picture.

California Highway Patrol
California Highway Patrol

The post read:

Moments like these is why we love our job.

The photo has had thousands of reactions and users were amazed and grateful that this cute moment was captured in a picture.


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