It fills us with pride! Young Mexican boy receives college degree at 13

He was admitted into college when he was 9 years old

Mexico has stood out worldwide for several reasons such as its gastronomy and traditions; however, something that is not that well known about this country is in regards to Mexican talent where young, outstanding people achieve great things. A clear example of this is Ian González.

Ian González graduates as Pharmaceutical Chemist Biologist at 13

Young Mexican 13-year-old Ian Emmanuel González Santos became a national news sensation when the Centro Universitario de Ciencias Exactas e Ingenierías (CUCEI) revealed that he had obtained his degree as a Pharmaceutical Chemist Biologist.

Universidad de Guadalajara
Universidad de Guadalajara

This genius boy was admitted into college at 9 years old with the mindset that "children have the right to dream". With this achievement, he is looking to share his story and demonstrate that dreams do come true.

He stated:

My story is a combination of dreams and sacrifices, the pandemic, hard work, mocking, but also a lot of satisfaction and achievements. Five years ago, I came here for a talk and I knew that I wanted to be here because it would give me the knowledge that I needed and wished for. I worked hard and the rest is history.

The youngest graduate

This recent achievement has made Ian the youngest graduate from Universidad de Guadalajara (UdeG). It should be noted that, besides this degree, Ian already concluded an international master's on Molecular Biology and Cytogenetics at Esneca Business School and is looking to get a doctorate in Molecular Biology and Genetics.

I want to become the youngest person to finish a doctorate and be an example for other children.

Board members of UdeG and teachers shared that it filled them with pride to see Ian grow up academically and personally claiming that he will become an amazing professional that will put Mexico's name in high places.

The Dean of CUCEI, Dr. Marco Antonio Pérez Cisneros stated:

Nothing ends today, today everything that is ahead of you is beginning. Ian was welcomed with a lot of surprise because we are not used to it: teachers, at first uncertain, were later very enthusiastic because they believed in this project. Thanks to these teachers, this is a historic day for this degree and it fills us with pride.

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