Health centers in Tijuana, Tecate, and Playas de Rosarito will have free no-scalpel vasectomies

The adult male population is invited to benefit from these free no-scalpel vasectomies

Starting in 2024, all males interested in birth control in the municipalities of Tijuana, Playas de Rosarito, or Tecate can undergo a no-scalpel vasectomy procedure, informed the coordinator of the Birth Control program by the Family Health Jurisdiction of Tijuana, Saira Guadalupe Vera Huerta.

The health centers offering this service are: Pedregal de Santa Julia, with phone number: 664 700 1943; Reacomodo with phone number: 664 6 60 03 65; Pípila with phone number: 664 978 5046; Insurgentes with phone number: 664 103 9233; Ojo de Agua, with phone number: 663 1013438; Herrera with phone number: 664 6 30 41 44; Pípila: 664 978 50 46; Lomas Taurinas: 664 648 01 31; Centro de Salud Rosarito: 661 100 3397, and Centro de Salud Tecate with phone number: 665 521 39 61. In January 2024, surgeries will be available at the Francisco Villa health center.

Using proper birth control methods such as vasectomy allows one to decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies; it reduces the rate of maternity deaths, with better guided, safer, more pleasant, and informed education, longer times between pregnancies, and it decreases STDs by doubling protection.

Those interested can get a consultation and schedule the procedure, just by showing their official CURP ID, regardless of whether they are registered in IMSS, ISSSTE, or ISSSTECALI. This procedure lasts, on average, 40 minutes.

Vera Huerta said that thanks to the acceptance of this procedure in the coastal area, the Health Services Jurisdiction of Tijuana received a recognition for being 4th place nationwide regarding the number of surgeries carried out in 2023.

"This acknowledgment was delivered virtually and it represents 981 procedures throughout the year," she concluded.

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