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SSPCM invites people to take precautions to prevent thefts during Christmas season

Avoid leaving valuable items on display and try to pay with your debit card; these are some of the recommendations issued by local authorities

The Secretariat of Municipal Security and Citizen Protection encouraged the population to keep themselves informed about how to prevent thefts in public when Christmas shopping. This is due to the recent increase of economic flow due to the Christmas season.

Besides the preventive operation implemented by the Municipal Police to protect families who are Christmas shopping in the city, it is citizens' responsibility to take precautions to keep themselves safe and avoid incidents.

That’s why the Secretary of Security, José Fernando Sánchez González, encouraged people to be careful when going to the ATM or banks. In addition, he invited people to request the services by the "Cuentahabiente Seguro" program so that they can be more certain when doing money transactions.

It is important that when people visit malls, they should not leave valuable items on display. They should also be careful of suspicious people or vehicles around them so that they are not robbed.

In addition, when walking in the public street, it is recommended to not get distracted, to not be talking on the phone, to avoid having valuable things on you, and if one is wearing headphones, they should be at a volume in which you can listen to your surroundings.

The Secretariat of Security is inviting you to download the Botón de Emergencia app, which will help you to immediately report any theft or mugging that occurs in the streets, allowing a prompt response from the Municipal Police.

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