Crossing from San Diego to Tijuana? You can cross with these items without paying any taxes

The Héroes Paisanos Program allows you to enter into Mexico with a great number of products without paying taxes

With the arrival of Christmas and New Year, the borders' economies increase due to the shopping and trips that take place during this season. That's why the Mexican Customs Agency began the "Programa Héroes Paisanos" to increase the value of additional items that are allowed to be crossed without paying any taxes.

During the period between November 29 and January 8, 2024, if you are a resident of the border and are coming to Mexico by land, you can cross up to $300 dollars as an exemption and certain items as baggage without paying taxes.

What can I bring to Mexico in my baggage without paying taxes?

It is important to know that as a Mexican citizen you can enter into the country without paying taxes with items that you have in your luggage and exemptions as long as they don't exceed the following:

  • Personal use items, such as clothes, shoes, and cleaning and beauty products, as long as they match the duration of the trip including baby items such as chairs, portable cribs, carriages, walkers, among others.
  • Two photographic or recording cameras; photographic material; three pieces of portable cell phone or wireless network equipment; a global positioning system (GPS); an electronic agenda; a portable computer equipment such as a laptop, notebook, omnibook, or similar items; a portable copy machine or printer; a portable burner or projects; with their accessories.
  • A portable device for the recording or playing of sound or mixes; or two digital image or sound recording or playing devices, and portable DVD player; a set of portable speakers, and its accesories.
  • 5 laser discs, 10 DVDs, 30 CDs, three software packages, and 5 storage devices for any electronic equipment.
  • Books, magazines, and printed documents.
  • 5 toys, including collectables, and a videogame console as well as 5 videogames.
  • A blood pressure measuring device and glucose or mixed measuring device as well as medication for personal use (in case these are psychotropic substances, one has to show the medical prescription).
  • Suitcases, trunks, and bags or any other item that is necessary to move baggage.
  • One binocular and a telescope.
  • Two musical instruments and their accessories.
  • A camping tent and other camping items.
  • A tool set that can consist of a drill, pliers, wrenches, dowels, screwdrivers, electric cables, among others.
  • Passengers who are 18 years of age or older can bring a maximum of 10 cigarette packages, 25 cigars, or 200 grams of tobacco; up to 3 liters of alcoholic beverages and 6 liters of wine.
  • Seniors and people with disabilities can bring items that aid them such as walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, canes, among others.

If you exceed the exemption, you must file and pay a global rate of 16% of the value of the additional merchandise through a "Pago de Contribuciones al Comercio Exterior" format.

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Do I have to pay taxes if I'm bringing my pets to Mexico?

You can import up to 3 pets or companion animals without paying taxes, as long as these are cats, dogs, canaries, hamsters, guinea pigs, Australian parakeets, ferrets, parrots, turtles, small-sized wild birds (except birds of prey), as well as accessories to transport them, feed them, and clean them.

It is important that show to customs staff the zoosanitary certification issued by SAGARPA to import them. To get this, you need the following documents:

Regarding wildlife, you will also need the Verification Record issued by PROFEPA that verifies your compliance to this verification. Learn all about the requirements on the following link:

Merchandise you cannot cross into Mexico

As this type of merchandise is prohibited or regulated, you cannot enter with:

  • Narcotic drugs.
  • Predator live fish of any size.
  • Images of any kind representing children in a derogatory or ridiculous manner, including with calls to violence or destruction.
  • Used clothes or shoes that do not belong to your personal baggage.
  • Weapons and ammunition.

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