UABC graduate creates Tijuana's biggest entrepreneur network with Emprendedor Fest

Emprendedor Fest has stood out throughout its 10 editions thanks to the support of local entrepreneurs

If Tijuana is known for anything is for being a city of hard-working people, however, the most people affected by the pandemic were entrepreneurs, as they had to stop themselves from achieving their dreams. However, an entrepreneur has helped small businesses to stand out in the city thanks to an amazing event.

Alejandra Luqueño: the Tijuana native supporting local entrepreneurs

Alejandra Luqueño is the Tijuana native that graduated from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC) at the Faculty of Tourism and Marketing, who created the concept of Emprendedor Fest 2 years ago. This event gathers together more than 800 local entrepreneurs that are looking for success.

Alejandra is also a proud entrepreneur that has been in the industry for 4 years who, during her major, was in charge of organizing events. This, alongside her love for customer service and assistance, was her motivation to organize the 1st Emprendedor Fest edition on December 2021, full of uncertainty and nervousness.

Despite her little experience in this area and having just recently graduated from college, she managed to gather 70 entrepreneurs in her first event at a showroom in the city. Due to the positive response and support from Tijuana natives by consuming locally, she decided to continue this project.

With each edition, the public's response was greater and greater and as such, entrepreneurs' interest in the event grew. This caused the event to grow gradually which is how they ended up with more than 400 exhibitors present at the same event. That's why they approached Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT) which, looking to support Tijuana's entrepreneurs, made its terrace a meeting point for this event. As such, since last year, this is the venue of Emprendedor Fest Tijuana.

On December 9 and December 10, Emprendedor Fest will come back with its 11th edition, where it is looking to promote family friendly events and immerse us in the Christmas spirit by gathering together more than 400 entrepreneurs that are offering their products and services so that the community can find the best Christmas gifts starting at $150 pesos.

With each edition, Alejandra Luqueño and entrepreneurs have been growing and learning together, improving every detail and offering a better experience for their visitors. She said:

I, as an entrepreneur, am one of them, more than a business, we are a support network for entrepreneurs.

A community of entrepreneurs has been created

These events have become much more than that. Outside of them, entrepreneurs gather together to do activities such as Christmas parties and meetings in order to create a united community, where they are looking to continue supporting small businesses in the region, promoting local commerce, looking to help the new entrepreneurs that join them, creating an even bigger and stronger network and long term friendships.

Alejandra said. "What distinguishes this event to other similar ones is its constant innovation and its different aspects. One of them is that it supports good causes. So far, with each event, we have benefited dog shelters, retirement homes, and foundations for kids with cancer. We are looking to promote empathy towards others, especially for those who are not receiving the help they need. We are hoping that this becomes a tradition with every event's edition."

Emprendedor Fest will bring the perfect products for your family such as toys, accessories, wallets, seasonal clothes for adults and children. You will also be able to find clothes, leashes, Christmas outfits, toys, and food for your pets.

Food won't be missing in this event as there will be delicious options such as Korean corn dogs, takoyakis, Mexican snacks, pizza, desserts, drinks, coffee, healthy snacks, vegan food, and keto.

Alejandra added that since this will be a Christmas edition, Christmas characters will be present: you will be able to take a picture with Santa Claus and the Grinch for free.

A pet friendly event

Emprendedor Fest stands out because it is a pet friendly event. A Santa Claus and reindeer themed catwalk will take place and two winners (a male and a female) will be awarded.

Responsible adoptions are also being promoted at this event. Fundación Lele and Patitas Firmes (animal rescue organizations) will have stands where you can adopt dogs looking for a home. Alejandra said that in Emprendedor Fest, at least 20 dogs have found a home in just one edition.

Family activities are also part of this event and in this edition, there will be music, dance, and fun for attendants. There will be a variety of shows by El Mimo Moy, El Xolo Mayor, musical groups, Christmas dance performances, and games with amazing gifts for everyone.

Emprendedor Fest has inspired Tijuana natives

Attendants and the public that have had the Emprendedor Fest experience always end having a great time, not only because of the amazing food and the items they find, but also because of the great atmosphere that it creates and unites the people of Tijuana while supporting good causes and local businesses. A lot of them have even told Alejandra that they wish to create their own businesses so they can be a part of Emprendedor Fest.

This event, without a doubt, will continue to grow as its editions go by and this is what Alejandra herself wishes for, as she hopes to expand it into the future to other municipalities of Baja California and other cities such as Guadalajara, where she is looking to begin an entrepreneur network in order to promote local consumption.

She concluded by sending a message to all those people who want to become entrepreneurs, but for several reasons haven't begun:

Fight for what you wish for, that's my motto.

To learn more about Emprendedor Fest, check its social media pages:

Facebook: Emprendedor Fest Tijuana

Instagram: @emprendedorfest.tij

Website: Emprendedor Fest Tijuana


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