Experience "installation art" at Artwalk Rosarito

Experience a weekend full of art, designs, and handicrafts

Artistic expression will be the main star at Artwalk Rosarito, an event where more than 50 painters, sculptors, cartoonists, and artisans will show off their talents through their artworks, offering you the opportunity to buy them.

Don't miss this event on Saturday, December 2 and Sunday, December 3 at CEART Playas de Rosarito facilities from 10 AM to 5 PM. Admission and parking lot are free.

"On this occasion, we want our visitors to allow themselves to be inspired by our great artists and artisans, so that they have a good time with the community. In addition, we are preparing several art installations, which will be a unique and pleasant experience to dazzle our visitors," Benito del Águila, director of Artwalk Rosarito, stated.

Besides the artwork, you can find handicrafts, jewelry, clothes, and pottery, alongside a gastronomic area by the region's chefs. You will delight yourself with exquisite dishes such as fine meat cuts and Oaxacan tamales. There will also be desserts and vegan options.

You don't need to know about art to enjoy it

Artwalk Rosarito is a family friendly event where you can experience art alongside artists.

Adai Villarreal, member of the organizing committee, points out that it can be an enriching experience for people who don't know much about this topic, as in past editions, visitors have left the event with new acquired tastes.

On this occasion, the theme is "allow yourself to be spoiled by artists". We are reflecting about lots of things because of everything that is going on around the world and the idea is to show our thanks to the public for still being here and for still working, producing, and that way we can deliver a quality event. We want this to be a pleasant and different time for this holiday season.

The event has local, national, and international artists from Jalisco, Oaxaca, Baja California Sur, Guerrero, State of Mexico, Arizona, and Los Angeles.

Artists from renowned international artistic exhibition center, Puerto Nuevo Gallery, will also be participating.

You will be able to be part of a piece of art!

There will be two spaces of installation art, a contemporary art genre that mounts and orders objects to create works of art.

The painting "Las Dos Fridas" will be created with the painting's real elements, with the participation of a model that will be one of the Fridas, and you, if you wish to do it, will be able to be part of this great project as the second Frida.

Don't forget to take your picture!

The second installation space is a Christmas room where you can look out the window and watch see snow falling, creating a beautiful atmosphere that will make you get into the Christmas spirit.

Once again, COTUCO Rosarito is promoting events such as Artwalk, a platform that boosts and promotes emerging plastic artists, spreading art through this border community.

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