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Cold front is bringing chances of snow to San Diego this week

National Weather Service estimates that snowfall in mountainous areas, light rain, and low temperatures in the county will occur

A cold front is coming to San Diego County this week, which will bring cloudy skies, a drop in temperatures, light rain, and possibly some snow in the zone's highest areas.

It is estimated that weather in the region will change on Tuesday when a high pressure system moves east and a low pressure system moves forward, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

The same system could bring some humidity this week, with isolated showers in several regions of the county. However, these rains are not expected to be serious, NWS said.

In San Ysidro, there is a 67% chance of rain, while the chance is 62% in the city of San Diego.

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Meteorologists estimated that snowfall could accumulate to levels exceeding 6,000 feet on Wednesday and Thursday, and that around 5,500 feet could fall on Friday.

It is expected that temperatures drop to 60°F in the coast and in the inner valley. In the mountains, temperatures will be around 50°F.

Cold will remain for a few days, and it is expected that San Diego goes back to having a warm and dry weather such as Santa Ana's, starting on the weekend.

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