Luis Daniel Garduño brings the magic of reading to Rosarito with "Bibliobús"

A mobile library has been implemented in Rosarito to offer remote communities the magic of reading, a proposal by the head of the Secretariat of Social Wellbeing, Luis Garduño

Attention, readers! The Secretariat of Social Wellbeing (SBS) of Rosarito has a new and very special program whose main goal is to bring reading to adults and children, no matter how far away they live!

This is the "Bibliobús", a new initiative proposed by the head of SBS, Luis Daniel Garduño Espinoza, which consists of a mobile library that reaches the most remote areas of Mexico, which don't have a library nearby nor activities that promote reading.

The main places that the famous Bibliobús visits are orphanages, rural schools, children's homes, and other remote communities. It should be noted that despite this initiative being directed towards children, interested adults can also benefit from this project.

The reading unit is handled by 2 entertaining promoters, one in charge and an assistant who will provide this service. These people are trained and qualified specialists in psychopedagogy, psychology, among other majors.

Some of the responsibilities that stand out about this program are following up children's games in the "Atención Lúdica" space with an encouragement of free expression of children’s emotions and ideas, and influencing their way of thinking so that they perceive the world around them every day.

They also hope to use administrative records, such as data information, attendance list, etc., and they also wish, as previously mentioned, to carry out activities together with parents and adults. So far, this project has benefited at least 42 communities, children's homes, schools, orphanages, among other institutions.

Who is Luis Daniel Garduño?

Born on July 18, 1993 in Mexico City, and after living the first years of his life in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Luis Daniel Garduño Espinoza arrived in Rosarito, Baja California when he was 12 years old. Here, he finished his basic education major and continues to study a college major at UABC.

Being politics something that has interested him since he was young, and after being the first Rosarito representative at Consejo Universitario UABC, his professional phase began by working at the Regulatory Commission of Land Possession.

Subsequently, he was a coordinator at the Secretariat of Social Development of Rosarito from 2015 to 2017. When he finished his public sector work, he worked at Notaría Pública No.39 in Tijuana.

After coordinating election campaigns in Rosarito on 2 occasions for current municipal president, Araceli Brown, Luis Garduño is currently the Secretary of Social Wellbeing of the 9th Municipal Administration of Rosarito and is planning to run as a candidate for the mayor's office of Rosarito in the 2024 elections.

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