Municipal Administration of Tijuana addresses alleged lawsuit regarding use of SITT facilities for binational route to San Ysidro

The mayor of Tijuana said that "it is a space that must be used" and that it benefits almost 30,000 users

The 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana led by Mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez addressed the alleged lawsuit that company SITT DE TIJUANA S.A. DE C.V. made against the municipality due to the use of its facilities for the binational route.

When asked a question about this lawsuit regarding the government using one of the SITT stations as headquarters for buses of company Mexicoach, the binational route that makes moving and crossing almost 30,000 users monthly to San Ysidro and vice versa much easier, the mayor said that these facilities are an obstruction and they needed to be used.

Despite the fact that SITT board members justified in their lawsuit damage and harm payments from the municipality, Sindicatura Procuradora, agency that acknowledges this type of claim presented as a "free exercise regarding the right to demand promoted by SITT DE TIJUANA S.A. DE C.V.", they said that it is not their role to resolve the board members' petition.

The mayor said that this municipal administration decided to use these facilities located on 1st Street, Downtown Tijuana, so that they can be of use to people, as it is a binational crossing to the United States and then back to Tijuana that costs $10 dollars.

"Now SITT themselves have not used them and then they are upset about us using them. They don't pitch, they don't catch, and they don't let you bat, SITT stations are obstructing, they are a white elephant and I cannot remove them as an authority because then it is possible I would have pay 500 million pesos," the mayor stated.

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