All lanes to cross from the San Ysidro Port of Entry to Tijuana have been opened

On Sunday, November 12, all lanes at the El Chaparral port of entry were opened

In the morning of Sunday, November 12, the Consulate General of Mexico in San Diego shared on social media that all lanes to cross from San Ysidro to Tijuana at the El Chaparral port of entry are currently open in order to reduce waiting times at the border crossing.

In the last few months, delays of up 3 hours have been reported to get into Tijuana, an issue that has affected Tijuana natives, students, and tourists. Due to this situation, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who was visiting the city of Tijuana, said that he was not aware about this issue but made a commitment to resolve it before 2023 ends.

On Saturday, November 11, Customs Director, André George Boullo, revealed some actions that were contemplated to resolve this issue and speed up pedestrian and vehicular border crossings into Mexico. The first, which is currently being carried out, is the expansion of the 3 lanes at the El Chaparral port of entry.

They are also analyzing implementing a speedy pass system similar to SENTRI. However, costs or the sector of the population for this pass has not been determined.

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Tijuana natives and tourists are tired of long lines at the El Chaparral Port of Entry

A few weeks ago, users reported the vehicular chaos that was occurring on the American side when crossing into Tijuana, as Mexican Customs were only opening 3 lanes which was causing long lines.

This caused people to express their discontent through platforms such as change.org by creating petitions and collecting signatures to end this issue. The most recent was on October 18, 2023. A citizen, Juan Ceballos, representing more than 1800 people, sent a letter to the Mexican Customs System about this situation, but never received a solution.

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