Chaos and confusion reported at Tijuana Customs due to new management

Despite the reports made in the last few days, the Customs Agency of Tijuana stated that they will not be open on November 2

Long lines at the ports of entry have affected thousands of people on both sides of the border.

These issues have affected the economic and tourism industries and a great number of foreign trade users have complained and demanded an investigation due to irregularities and long lines at the Tijuana customs.

Delays are caused by the lack of budget and personnel and have caused reduced working hours and longer waiting times.

Organizations and users of the Cali-Baja region have sent letters and demanded an action plan to prevent chaos at customs, however, they claim they haven't received a response from the proper authorities.

For their part, importers have requested an investigation especially on the platform area, as they say that there have been several irregularities by chief Francisco Limón and they want to prevent corruption acts.

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In a fragment of an investigation carried out by El Mexicano, it is said that during the visit by the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador to Tijuana which will take place on November 12, the dismissal of the chief of the Customs platform will be demanded.

In addition, chambers of commerce of the region have said that one of the main changes that the Customs Agency has faced has to do with militarization. This is because positions at customs and foreign trade have been taken by members of SEDENA, and they don't have the necessary training.

National Agency of Customs in Mexico states that November 2 will be a non-working day

Despite these reports in the last few days, the Tijuana Customs Agency stated that Thursday, November 2 will be a non-working day. This means that import-export working hours will end at 2 PM.

It should be noted that, previously, there was an agreement with Lt. Colonel Martínez of working on festive Mexican days in order to support vehicular flow and control. However, Alfonso Millan, President of CANACAR, stated that under the management of the new administrator, Alejandro Robles Segura, there was no authorization given to work on this day.

Import-export working hours for cargo will be between 8 AM to 2 PM. Meanwhile, reshipping, justifications, and virtual operations will remain closed.

It should be noted that access for passengers at Chaparral, Otay, and Airport will remain open these 24 hours.

Problems at port of entry and customs will have consequences on the region of Cali-Baja's economy and commerce

Difficulties and waiting times at the border have left an economic impact of around 3.8 billion dollars in both Mexico and the United States, according to a study by the California State Transportation Agency.

During the morning press conference of Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, the Managing Director of Admicarga, Antonio Rodríguez Otañez, explained that delays in customs affect around 7,000 trucks and impact 50% of efficiency and profitability.

"It is a social and ecological problem (...) it is not exclusive to the Mexican side, but it is also an issue on the American side," he said.

Otañez also spoke about a new commercialization project by the state government which includes the implementation of a railway system.

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