Marina del Pilar allocates 500 million pesos to projects that will benefit women in Baja California

All of these projects have as a goal to improve the quality of life of Baja Californian women

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, announced that the state administration will allocate around 500 million pesos for projects under a "Gender Bond" whose goal will be to finance projects related to gender perspective in order to boost the wellbeing of Baja Californian women.

The state governor highlighted that this is a sustainable financing for projects related to women, which will allow them to strengthen assistance mechanisms for this group. In addition, they will be part of the Sustainable Financing Framework of the State Government, approved by Congress as part of the 3.5-billion-peso package meant for two substantial activities. The remaining 3 billion will be used for Green Bond resources.

For his part, the head of the Secretariat of Finance, Marco Antonio Moreno Mexía, said that there are already identified investments, among them, investments related to the Violet Transportation system, which is driven only by women who are being trained. Some of them are already operating vehicles in the state, guaranteeing safe mobility to an important number of women and their children.

"There will be buses for women as public transportation in Mexicali, for example," he added and said that they are also contemplating investment at the Center for the Justice of Women, providing the state government with more mechanisms and tools to assist, prevent, and eradicate gendered violence.

The Secretary of Finance pointed out that there is a group of projects with a similar protocol to the Green Bond with a gender focus and "Of course, it will promote projects with a seed capital of 500 million pesos of the Gender Bond. The requirements of bidding process are set. We are in the final part. There is an interesting hunger from commercial banks and development banks and we think that these financing mechanisms are going to be a success."

To conclude, Governor Marina del Pilar thanked the collaboration of the several agencies and state organizations that have made possible this financing framework. She highlighted the work by the Secretariat of Finance and the fulfillment of the requirements of the transparent bidding process that are creating foundations of trust with the citizens of this administration. This is the guarantee that they have a government that works for the wellbeing of all as their number 1 priority.

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