Jeff Light's journalism career awarded at the Tijuana Walk of Fame

Jeff Light, former editor in chief of the San Diego Union-Tribune, is a journalist with a four-decade professional career, great strategic direction, and commitment to the news

Paseo de la Fama (Walk of Fame) is an initiative that was created in order to recognize people that were born or adopted by the city of Tijuana, leaving a mark nationally or internationally due to their work.

This project inspires new generations and at the same time promotes regional talent which has contributed to the growth and development of education, science, technology, society, environment, art, economic, culture, and sports.

That is why, celebrating its 20th anniversary, it has recognized influential people that have made a difference through their professionalism and work.

Journalist and former editor in chief of San Diego Union-Tribune, Jeff Light, was the first editor in chief of this American outlet to be awarded by the Tijuana Walk of Fame.

Light is a journalist with a career that is four decades long, an extraordinary vision, and a commitment to the news. He joined the binational media outlet San Diego Union-Tribune on March 2010 as editor and in 2016 he was named its editor in chief. He left this position in July 2023.

Throughout his career, he has worked in several different positions including as a reporter, writer, and "hopper", the last one is a term used for those who throw the bundles of papers from the delivery trucks in the dead of night.

"I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart to all people involved in Paseo de la Fama for recognizing the importance of journalism and for recognizing the Union-Tribue as part of it. I think it is wonderful what the group wants to do in telling the history of the community and I thank you for this award," Light said.

With great experience in traditional and virtual communication outlets, Light worked 12 years at the Orange County Register as deputy editor, and two years as vice president for Interactive Publishing at Freedom Communications, a position in which his vision, leadership, and strategic direction allowed him to develop quality journalistic content, identify earning opportunities, and boost audience growth.

Tijuana Innovadora pays tribute to his professional career and his deep knowledge regarding the direction and creation of a newspaper.

This award was delivered by his godmother Sandra Dibble, of the 2017 Walk of Fame generation. She is a journalist and investigator who worked for the San Diego Union-Tribune and wrote several articles for National Geographic.


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