3 free events to enjoy the solar eclipse in San Diego this Saturday

Enjoy the eclipse with astronomy fans and enthusiasts

Astronomic events are a wonder for the human eye, especially in 2023, a year in which they could be appreciated at several times. For example, there was the Supermoon (where the moon looks bigger), the Blood Moon (where the Earth comes between the moon and the sun giving it a shadow and a reddish color), and the iconic Blue Moon (where two full moons can be seen in the same month). In just a few days, however, we will be able to see a rare, but fascinating solar eclipse.

It should be noted that to watch an eclipse safely you need special glasses, which will allow you to view this phenomenon. If you don't have the necessary equipment or you don't know how to make the best of this experience, here we'll show you 3 free events in San Diego where you'll be able to enjoy the eclipse with your whole family:

The Fleet Science Center

Located in Balboa Park, this museum will have a marvelous event in which they invite all people who are interested to gather here in order to watch the eclipse together. This will take place in front of the iconic Bea Evenson Fountain.

Among activities programmed for this day, there are practical demonstrations on how to create your own special glasses as well as:

  • Special performance of the popular play by the Fleet: The Sky Tonight
  • Activities about the eclipse in Studio X, the creative space of Fleet.
  • Demonstrations in the entire building.
  • Direct broadcast of the eclipse at the Fleet Lecture Hall.

This event will take place starting at 8 AM and everyone who is interested can attend. It should be noted that in the last event where an eclipse was viewed, in 2017, around 5,000 people attended.


Mission Hill - Hillcrest Library

This library will welcome anyone who wishes to observe the eclipse in a family friendly environment. At this location, there will be special glasses to enjoy this celestial spectacle safely.

The library says that, though the eclipse begins at 8:09 AM, its middle point will take place at 9:26 AM which is why one can arrive at any time they wish to appreciate this event that will conclude at 1 PM.


San Diego Air & Space Museum

This museum is also located in Balboa Park and it is a great option for those who are in the area. The eclipse will make its annual "Pumpkin & Chunkin" event even more pleasant. In addition, the following activities will be available:

  • Observe the partial solar eclipse - Bring your own glasses or make them here at the museum!
  • Spiderwebs printed in 3D
  • Decorate a Sphero ghost and move it around!
  • Learn about the eclipse with the Ambassadors of the Solar System
  • Throw your own pumpkin from a catapult
  • Land your load safely by building a parachute
  • Watch how they throw pumpkins from the museum's roof


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