Woman arrested for attempting to smuggle liquid methamphetamine at Tijuana port of entry

This woman tried to smuggle 1.4 million dollars in narcotics and was arrested; she is currently being investigated

A woman was arrested at the Otay port of entry for attempting to smuggle 1.4 million dollars in liquid meth which she was carrying in the gas tank on the trailer truck she was driving.

Customs and Border Protection informed that agents caught this 49-year-old woman who was driving the vehicle loaded with drugs. This incident occurred on October 3 at noon approximately.

CBP officers sent the trailer's driver to secondary inspection because, though her B1/B2 visa was valid, they needed to investigate her history a little bit more. During the CBP inspection, they discovered 942.12 pounds (427.33 kilograms) of methamphetamine. CBP were able to extract 30 buckets of 5 gallons each, which had the aforementioned narcotic.

In addition, Rosa Hernández, Otay Mesa Cargo Port Director, stated that the liquid meth had a value of almost 1,5 million dollars; specifically, 1,413,180 dollars. CBP agents seized the drugs, the truck, and the driver was handed over to Homeland Security to be processed.

It is expected that more news is given soon regarding an update about the processing this woman will face regarding her crime.

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