3 places to enjoy the solar eclipse in Baja California

These places will offer festivals to view the eclipse in a safe and fun way

One of the best astronomic events of the year is just a few days away: it is the annular solar eclipse, also known as a ring of fire eclipse, and it will be seen on October 14 in Mexico and the United States.

The eclipse in Baja California will be 60% to 70% visible according to Solar System Exploration, which is why several institutions announced events and educational festivals to view this incredible astronomic phenomenon.

Astronomic viewing at Museo Interactivo El Trompo - Tijuana

If you're interested in enjoying this event in a unique and fun way, Museo Interactivo El Trompo will have a private space so that you can appreciate the "ring of fire" solar eclipse.

You can visit the El Trompo terrace from 8 AM to 11 AM which is located at Avenida de los Insurgentes, Río Tijuana 3ra Etapa. Admission is free and the event is 100% family friendly.

At these facilities, you'll be able to purchase special glasses to safely view this eclipse without harming your vision.

In addition, you'll able to enjoy four creative workshops and educational activities titled: Registro Solar, Planeta Relieve, Puntillismo Solar, and Proyector Solar, which will allow you to learn more about space.

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Festival del Eclipse at Museo de Ciencias Caracol - Ensenada

This festival is cooperating with the Institute of Astronomy of UNAM Ensenada campus, the Faculty of Sciences at UABC, and Ruta Eclipse 2023 - 2024.

This is a free and family friendly event with fun activities, telescope viewing, experiments, talks, and a workshop to create artifacts to safely view the eclipse, all taught by the Astronomic Society of Ensenada.

In addition, there will be an artistic performance by Títere Vivo that you cannot miss.

Enjoy this event from 8 AM to 10:30 AM at Museo de Ciencias Caracol, located at Av. Club Rotario 3. Centro, 22800.

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Museo Sol del Niño - Mexicali

To enjoy the eclipse in the capital of Baja California, the University Society of Sciences and Astronomy of Mexicali invites you to the event: Capturando el Sol where you'll be able to enjoy activity programs, talks, workshops, shows, and the viewing of this eclipse in a safe and fun manner.

At Museo Sol del Niño you'll be able to have fun with talks about the solar system, space, and eclipses; as well as the showing of a movie in the IMAX room, workshops, exhibitions, and live music.

Price per person is $70 pesos and it will give you access to all activities from 8 AM to 3 PM.

Museo Sol del Niño is located at Alfonso Esquer Sandez, Zona Industrial, 21010 Mexicali.

What is an annular solar eclipse?

The annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon aligns, at its furthest point, in the space between Earth and the sun. When the moon is on its farthest point away from the planet, it makes it look smaller and as such it is not able to completely block the view of the sun.

If you're watching the eclipse by yourself, you must keep the following recommendations in mind:

  • Never view a solar eclipse directly with your eyes, as it could seriously affect your vision.
  • Don't watch the eclipse through a camera, even if you have special glasses, as solar rays could go through it and burn the filter, enter your eyes, and cause serious injuries.

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