Where to buy special glasses to watch the solar eclipse in Tijuana this week

To view this amazing astronomic event, it is necessary to have special glasses so you don't harm your eyes

One of the best astronomic events that is about to occur is the annular solar eclipse, also known as "ring of fire eclipse", which is why several institutions announced events and education conferences to help you view this natural wonder.

The eclipse cannot be viewed directly, as solar light can harm the retina; in severe cases, it can cause a total loss of sight, according to the Mexican Academy of Ophthalmology.

That's why in order to appreciate the next "ring of fire" that will take place on October 14 in Tijuana, people who are interested can go to Museo Interactivo El Trompo, and acquire special glasses with filter material that meets safety standards. They have a cost of $60 pesos.

To purchase your glasses, you can do so from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 AM to 5 PM while supplies last.

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Astronomic event at Museo El Trompo

On Saturday, October 14, you cannot miss the Astronomic Viewing of the Solar Eclipse at 8 AM at the El Trompo terrace.

This event will have the participation of the Astronomic Society of Baja California and families will be able to bring their own telescopes and they'll receive recommendations for its use, safety, and handling.

In addition, you'll be able to enjoy educational activities such as the following workshops: “Registro solar”, “Planeta Relieve”, “Proyector solar”, and “Puntillismo solar”. At the end of this viewing, at 11 AM, the planetarium will be the venue of the event "Eclipse Solar. El fenómeno de la luz y oscuridad" (Phenomenon of light and darkness), with limited capacity.

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