Marina del Pilar announces growth of "Transporte Violeta" in Tijuana

The state governor revealed that this initiative will be implemented to benefit female citizens of Tecate soon

5 new vehicle units will arrive in Tijuana due to the program known as "Transporte Violeta" (Violet Transportation). This initiative will also begin operations in Tecate soon, showing progress regarding the strengthening of this project to benefit Baja Californian woman thanks to Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, who highlighted that it has become a successful mobility system for women in the state.

Regarding the particular case of Tijuana, the state governor pointed out that the average number of women who travel and commute every month is 25,000, which is why the arrival of 5 new units means increasing this number to be around 28,000. In addition, this will reduce the frequency of departure of each vehicle from 30 minutes to 20 minutes each, which means new opportunities for women to travel with their children.

Marina del Pilar highlighted that the different routes of the Violet Transportation were studied and designed by personnel from the Institute of Sustainable Mobility (IMOS), and they contemplate work, academic, social, and health spaces that women of Baja California frequently go to.

Regarding the arrival of this program in the municipality of Tecate in October, Marina del Pilar said that through IMOS, there has been plenty of communication with the companies that will participate. This is in order to make them work as soon as possible to benefit Tecate native women, as the Violet Transportation has shown that it is a successful system that has given positive results regarding the safety of women in Tijuana, Mexicali, and Playas de Rosarito, where it operates.

Regarding this, the head of IMOS, Jorge Alberto Gutiérrez Topete said that it is expected that Tecate launches this program with 6 units with capacity for 28 passengers that will move women through key roads in the daily life of this municipality. In addition, the Government of Baja California is in constant communication with transportation companies and their representatives so that the numbers grow in the following months.

The state official also said that Transporte Violeta is already a mobility system that has been fundamental for the reordering of public transportation in Baja California, which also means that it is a useful tool to protect women while they travel. In addition, it is a defense of their right to a life free of violence for them and their children.

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