CECUT presents free "XXVII Encuentro de Teatro" with 5 guest states

Centro Cultural Tijuana will delight the theater community and the public at large with high-quality stagings

Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT) welcomed the 27th Theater Conference of Tijuana in the afternoon of Thursday, October 6, where actor César Enríquez who is part of the curatorial committee and is currently playing "Lamore" in the play "Siete Veces Adiós", spoke in the inauguration of this artistic event.

It was around 7 PM when the Tijuana native theater community came to this cultural venue to listen to the artistic offerings being brought by CECUT. The importance of not waiting for plays to become popular in Mexico City was pointed out, as the important thing is to feed interest in theater with local stagings in different states so that people can discover what is happening in different parts of the country.

As such, the stagings from Mexico City, Veracruz, Nuevo Leon, Guanajuato, and Baja California that will be staged were revealed. They will be presented at the CECUT showroom at 7 PM. There will also be workshops, talks, and dramatized readings from organizations of these municipalities from October 5 to October 13.

In the words of César Enríquez, regarding the theater companies invited, he said:

We think it is important to talk about the issues like the ones that we'll see today with a play directed by Conchi León, "Las mujeres de Emiliano" about masculinity and machismo. We cared about staging "Junio en el 93", a successful and inclusive project that talks about HIV. This play has Mel Fuentes, a trans actress from Mexico City, that is looking to integrate people in projects that are really important.

At the ending of Enríquez’s speech, the play "Las mujeres de Emiliano" began. The issue that was addressed dualistically with seriousness and comedy was all about the fictional women in the life of Emiliano Zapato. During this play, we discovered a feminist voice in a heartbreaking manner, whose goal is to acknowledge how current this issue is, as no revolution has managed to bring justice for women.

Each minute was full of a radical narrative, highlighting forgotten and ignored voices, and the blood that was spilled in each word. Despite this, it was a great play written with comedic beats, without leaving aside the main theme.

Here are the stagings that have been invited to this event, which you'll be able to enjoy for free:

Friday, October 6: "Tiguana Rhythm" from Baja California: Here's a story of two immigrants that meet next to the Suchiate River crossing the border from Guatemala to Mexico. They decide to continue together while traveling, in one of the busiest roads for immigrants, to the border city of Tijuana.

Saturday, October 7: "Nada vende mejor que una historia de supervivencia" from Baja California: This is the story of a boy who is a reporter who hosts a documentary show about survivors who don't dare to talk about the pain and the fear that the recreation of these awful incidents cause. Exploring their memories deeply with representations that sweeten these events, the reporter discovers how these incidents caused the destruction of their homes.

Sunday, October 8 "El Bodegón de las cebollas" from Veracruz: This story is about how a group of people sits around a table to talk while chopping onions, which gives them an excuse to cry. This is how they begin to talk about their memories with tears in their eyes.

Monday, October 9 "A veces los perros sonríen" from Baja California: In the middle of the 19th century, Lola lives in a world where death has become something ordinary, while Sylvie, 1,000 years later, seems to have resolved everything in a perfectly controlled society. Both will experience danger that will force them to recognize their own drive for life with a common connection: they have a dog called Filomena with whom they develop a strong connection.

Tuesday, October 10 "El baile, Arqueología de un trazo" from Nuevo León: This play is looking to translate to the stage the traces and memories of those who tour, write, and read about the city of Monterrey and its metropolitan area.

Wednesday, October 11 "Conferencia sobre (de hecho no tiene título) mancha, cha, cha, y OTRAS COSAS" from Mexico City: Conference about nonsense. We renounced the possibility of telling the truth, so we embrace lies, silence, perverted logics, and dislocated moralities.

Thursday, October 12 "Junio en el 93" from Mexico City: It is 1993. Junio was diagnosed with HIV. He is in Xalapa, staging a show and living with a theater community. He takes some medications, but he doesn't take others.

Friday, October 13 "Quinces" from Guanajuato: Adolescence is an old game passed down from generation to generation, that nobody knows how to play, with no instruction manual, so everyone invents the rules.

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