Mayor Montserrat Caballero and Governor Marina del Pilar are attempting to achieve significant mobility in Tijuana

The governor of Baja California signed the SITT Letter of Intent alongside the mayor of Tijuana

Montserrat Caballero Ramirez, the mayor of Tijuana, signed alongside the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, the Letter of Intent of the Comprehensive System of Transportation of Tijuana (SITT), with the goal of achieving a more efficient mobility in the city and the binational area.

"It is a very important day for the state and it is significant, above all, in the history of mobility and transportation of Tijuana," underscored the mayor after being invited to the governor of Baja California's morning press conference.

Caballero Ramírez highlighted that with the signing of this agreement, the human right to mobility has been guaranteed which, through proper studies and methodologies, will be able to be reactivated to function properly.

The mayor stated that around 50% of the population moves in public transportation and, sometimes, it takes people more than 1 hour just to ride one. This is why she claimed, alongside the governor, that they are looking for alternatives to create a new route especially for those who live in the eastern zone or options such as the binational SITT, which citizens use on 1st Street to comfortably get to San Ysidro.

After the governor said that they are more united than ever, the mayor highlighted that since she took office, one of the greatest challenges she had and that she still needs to resolve, is mobility. However, she knew that she could not solve it on her own which is why she celebrated the support and interest from the governor to look for solutions.

"As the mayor of Tijuana, we are always going to be together when designing public policies so that we all go together, because we all want the same result. Because those who inhabit this great home, called Tijuana, our families, our children, use public transportation and the only bet is that all of us can use our SITT," she emphasized.

According to the director of the System, Alejandro Mungaray Moctezuma, with this signing, a comprehensive analysis and diagnosis of the current situation of SITT will be carried out. The goal is to promote its transfer to the state area in order to work to restructure public transportation.

The official highlighted that, so far among many things, a connection framework between SITT and the Aguacaliente Corridor was proposed to the Institute of Sustainable Mobility of Baja California (IMOS). In March, the Binational Route began operations and documents and historic authorizations are being transferred to the Agency of Municipal Transportation.

The mayor and the governor will continue to work together to transform Tijuana into a city for everyone. Putting aside misogyny, people have managed to create unity and have gotten support from the President of Mexico, a checkmark nationwide due to the actions carried out for the wellbeing of citizens.

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