Prepare yourselves Tijuana natives! Tomorrow will be the hottest day of the week

Though there has been an increase in temperatures since Tuesday, they will increase even more tomorrow

Those who live in Tijuana can claim that the city has very varied weather throughout the year. One day it can be hot and the next day in can rain or there can be a completely cloudy day. Specifically, this week we are experiencing several different kinds of weather.

Thursday will be the hottest day of the week

According to weather forecasts by The Weather Channel, it was forecasted that Thursday, October 5 will be the hottest day of the week, as temperatures will reach 31°C. This is after the first days of October showed mild weather.

From Friday, October 5 to Sunday, October 8, it is expected that maximum temperatures will range between 30°C and 28°C. Starting next week, a light drop of temperatures will be experienced, but a warm weather in the city will remain.

Cold and heat on the same day

National Weather Services revealed on their daily forecast that Baja California will experience warm afternoons, while mornings will range from warm to cool. In addition, the Civil Protection Agency issued a warning about the arrival of the Santa Ana winds to the region, which is why they shared the following recommendations:

It should be noted that the Santa Ana winds will arrive with gusts of wind of up to 35 km/hour. They will reduce humidity in the environment and it will increase temperatures, which is why it is important to follow these recommendations to prevent diseases and accidents such as forest fires.

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