Municipal Administration of Tijuana invested more than 800 million pesos to build more than 200 public projects

The Recreational and Sports Park "Cerro de Las Abejas" has been classified as one of the most representative projects of the current government of Tijuana

The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, managed to build 207 projects in the city; 139 were built through the Ramo 33 resource; 21 projects were built through Ramo 23, and 47 were finished with the own resources from the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana.

At the Forum of Accountability regarding Infrastructure and the Road to Transformation, the mayor claimed that with "clear accountability, great administrations", the investment of 882,826,962 pesos was the standout as they were used to pave streets with hydraulic concrete, restore parks and plazas, install public lighting, electrical power, potable water networks, drainage, improve dirt roads and medical units, among others.

At what will be the next Recreational and Sports Park Cerro de Las Abejas, where Grupo El Florido donated more than 40 hectares to finalize one of the most relevant projects of this administration, the mayor highlighted the support of the private sector as it works with them and the state government.

She also underscored the reconstruction of hydraulic concrete at Calle 12 North, with an investment of more than 38 million pesos to benefit the 7,000 people who cross the border daily.

The vice president of the Northeastern region of the National Chamber of Vehicle Cargo Transportation (CANACAR), Israel Delgado Vallejo, said that he was a witness of the facts presented by the mayor. He thanked the work carried out in Calle 12 as it not only means a road to travel on but "exports, as around 220 million daily dollars travel on this road."

The mayor highlighted the construction of the braking ramp at Libramiento Rosas Magallón, a project estimated to cost more than 53 million pesos to benefit 160,000 inhabitants with, among many things, a drainage box, a braking bed, and 11,000 lights.

During the mayor's speech, where she was accompanied by the Secretary of Territory, Urban, and Environmental Development (SDTUA), Enrique Bautista Corona, stated that work at Puente El Chaparral will have an investment of 75 million pesos.

At Cañón del Matadero, a recently opened road that has been rebuilt after unusual rain, 19.5 million pesos were invested which were used to expand lanes in both directions, which has impacted the land value and safety of more than 70,000 drivers that travel on this road every day.

The pothole repair that is being done in the morning, afternoon, and evening has also been representative of this administration. In the second year of this administration, 375,000 square meters of roads and streets of the 9 delegations were fixed, such as Bulevar El Realito at East La Presa and Flores Magón at San Antonio de los Buenos. There was an investment of 25 million pesos on the first project and more than 60 million pesos on the second and third projects.

The mayor highlighted the cleaning of desanders, a functional infrastructure where 24 million pesos were invested to avoid rain issues. With help from the Municipal Public Utilities Agency (DSPM), they removed 607,943 tons of domestic trash, equal to 3,400 Boeing 767 airplanes with maximum weight.

Kilómetros de Luz is also a very significant program of this municipal government as it has installed, just in 2023, 11,762 lights which is equal to 50% of LED lights in Tijuana.

In addition, 100,000 trees were planted with support from the Secretariat of Wellbeing and cadastral modernization with photogrammetry flight, that hadn’t been done in 10 years, was also carried out.

Regarding the Secretariat of Mobility (SEMOV), led by Obed Silva Sánchez, 62 sites to benefit 2,000 families were reorganized; these families hadn't received updated permits in 5 years.

117 SITT stations were restored; murals by local artists were painted there which are projects that will be part of the Tijuana-San Diego Design Capital of the World 2024. A binational transportation that links collective crossings with the San Diego Trolley has also been made functional, and it is used by more than 5,000 people every month.

To conclude, the mayor boasted about the great work of the Recreational and Sports Park Cerro de Las Abejas, where the private sector invested 210 million pesos in an area of 47.6 hectares, donated a few days ago by Grupo El Florido.

This project, representative of mayor Montserrat Caballero, which thousands of people will be able to enjoy has total support from the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC), Grupo Cadena, Coca Cola, the National Chamber of the Industry of Housing Development and Promotion (CANADEVI), Grupo Leyk, Excel, Nación Verde, Ruba, Telnor, Grupo Afal, the Economic Development Council of Tijuana (CDT), and Cimbra Capital.

The mayor underscored that both her work team and businesspeople whenever they see a problem, they see an opportunity of achieving a Tijuana for everyone, with the best infrastructure that will lead to transformation.

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