Montserrat Caballero inaugurates expansion of lanes at Cañón del Matadero

The renovation of this infrastructure project allowed for the number of lanes to be increased for 4 vehicles in the direction of Playas and 3 vehicles in the direction of Downtown Tijuana

Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, mayor of Tijuana, inaugurated the expansion of lanes in both directions as part of the project at the level of Cañón del Matadero, in which around 20 million pesos were invested.

Alongside the Secretary of Territory, Urban, and Environmental Development (SDTUA), Enrique Bautista Corona, the mayor opened both roads of the Playas de Tijuana highway to alleviate traffic in the area where around 60,000 vehicles travel daily.

Following this project's guidelines, four lanes were opened in direction of the Playas delegation (north) and three towards the Downtown delegation (south), with a delimitation lane, to speed up traffic flow.

The inauguration of this repaired road at Cañón del Matadero, where investment came from both the state and the municipality, is a project that stabilized the road to ensure the safety of drivers.

The reconstruction of the Playas-Matadero road was made based on the approval of the Council of Municipal Civil Protection both on the north and the south areas. In the south, this led to the demolition of three lanes, the restoration of the embankment, the construction of road with concrete, the repositioning of the central lane, and the expansion of the acceleration and merging lane.

The mayor highlighted that with the restoration of this road, quality, punctuality, safety, and land appreciation was given to the Tijuana natives in the area, as well as the construction of complementary areas.

The project was carried out in coordination with the state government from the critical part that begins on the lower part of the northern area, where the broken pipe where water was filtered, which caused the landslide, was fixed, Bautista Corona pointed out.

The Secretary mentioned that the slope was remade with the adequate inclination. The 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana worked on the last five meters of the damaged embankment and rebuilt the road with hydraulic pavement.

The head of SDTUA highlighted that there is lab evidence that guarantees that these projects are high-quality and thanked the support of the School of Engineers for their total disposition in making Tijuana a city with better infrastructure for everyone.

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