Marina del Pilar announces "Frontera que Sueña" Festival in October

Named the most important cultural event of the year, this festival will be free for all families and will show the cultural expressions by several artists from around the world

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, spoke about the 2023 October Festival: Frontera que Sueña, a project that is considered the most important cultural event of the year that will showcase different cultural expressions and artistic activities from all over the world, including local talent. This will be a free show for the whole family.

In the 97th edition of "Wednesday Morning Press Conference with Marina del Pilar" which took place in Mexicali, the state governor explained that the main concept of this year's festival is the multiculturalism that characterizes our border region, without forgetting the contributions by the native people of Baja Californian culture.

For his part, the Secretary of Culture of Baja California, Alma Delia Ábrego Ceballos, explained the several different activities that will be part of the program, and highlighted that unlike other years, Governor Marina del Pilar instructed that the festival reached all zones of the state. This is why for the first time ever this cultural event will have activities at the community center in Isla de Cedros, located in the border between Baja California and Baja California Sur.

The state official revealed that a mobile app will be launched soon where citizens will be able to learn firsthand the cultural agenda of Baja California in order to strengthen people's approach to several different activities.

Ábrego Ceballos stated that this is the 22nd edition of the October Festival, whose goal is to promote and spread culture through a huge artistic schedule that encompasses dancing, theater, music, literature, plastic arts, cinema, and the heritage of native people. With this goal in mind, the Institute of Culture of Baja California (ICBC) and several art centers of Baja California are joining forces.

"Baja Californian artists and artisans' participation is essential for this festival. We have full support of agencies and coordination from the Art Centers of ICBC in the whole state, and representations from ICBC who are supervising most of the activities," she stated. More than 100 concerts will take place in the seven municipalities and local and national artists, as well as international artists from countries such as the United States, Argentina, France, and Senegal, will all participate.

Marina del Pilar promotes dignified life for breast cancer survivors

In the context of Breast Cancer Awareness Month which will take place next October, Governor Marina del Pilar presented a series of prompt actions to address this disease and patients and survivors of this cancer with the delivery of 100 breast implants through the state DIF which will allow them to significantly improve their quality of life.

In addition, Marina del Pilar spoke about the assistance that more than 105,000 seniors have received through social and health actions by the Secretariat of Wellbeing and DIF Baja California.

"We want to give back to our seniors a little bit of all that they have contributed to Baja California and our country. As you know, one of the main political policies of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is to help seniors and in Baja California we are following this policy," she explained.

Regarding this, the director of the state DIF, Mónica Vargas Núñez, said that, together with the Public Charity, they will provide breast implants in order to give comprehensive wellbeing to all the women of Baja California who need them. The requirements are: official ID, medical certificate that proves a mastectomy has taken place, proof of address, birth certificate, and proof of affiliation to the Mexican Institute of Social Security or the Secretariat of Health.

Regarding assistance to seniors, Vargas Núñez said that the state DIF has 26 assistance centers for seniors in several spots in the state, and that they have provided direct assistance to more than 105,000 people. Some of the actions taken there are specialized medical assistance, delivery of groceries, and different types of aid.

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