Horror arrives in Tijuana! CECUT will show horror movies during October

Classic horror films will be shown due to this Halloween season

October is synonymous with the fall and Halloween, and we'll often find all things related to pumpkins, costumes, and horror films. Watching a horror film is a must when celebrating Halloween and Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT) will show a variety of movies in this genre to help you celebrate.

Nights of Horror return to CECUT

For second year in a row, this horror movie cycle will return to CECUT screens, bringing back to the screen classic horror films that will give you nightmares. Nights of Horror will take place from October 6 to October 28, and this event will show the following movies:

28 Days Later - Friday, October 6

A strange rabies variant that began as an experiment on monkeys in a lab ends up infecting people in London, creating rabid and violent humans. A man wakes up 28 days later after this chaos to find a completely abandoned city and tries to escape with a group of people.

REC - Saturday, October 7

A reporter and her cameraman try to film a night of work at a fire department in Spain. However, they end up locked up in a building after a disease that turns people into cannibals spreads. Every minute that passes each of the residents gets infected and it is all filmed as they search for the origin of the virus.

Friday, the 13th - Friday, October 13

After a tragic accident at Crystal Lake summer camp, a group of people decide to reopen it despite rumors of a curse in this place. Little by little, people begin to die under strange circumstances.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Saturday, October 14

A group of young people travels to check the gravesite of one of their family members which, according to information, has been desecrated. On the way, they find a family made up of cannibals that will do everything to keep them there.

Thirteen Ghosts - Thursday, October 19

A widow ends up inheriting a luxurious, but strange mansion; when he moves in with his children and after strange phenomena, they discover that it is actually a machine that is sheltering ghosts.

Shutter - Friday, October 20

After a tragic accident in which a woman dies, a photographer begins to experience strange neck pains. After going to the doctor and discovering that two of his college friends killed themselves, he begins to realize that the reason for these events is related to his past.

The Sixth Sense - Friday, October 27

A child psychologist tries to find the way to help one of his patients with supernatural powers and, while this happens, they experience surprising discoveries.

The Lost Boys - Saturday, October 28

Two brothers move to Santa Clara, California, where they meet a group of boys who warn them to stay away. The reason? They're vampires.

Though these movies will be shown at Sala Carlos Monsiváis in October, one movie has been scheduled to be shown on a special day and that movie is Friday the 13th which you will be able to enjoy on Friday, October 13.

Where can I buy tickets and how much do they cost?

The fact that these movies are being shown once again is not the only thing that will make horror fans happy as CECUT will offer tickets at very affordable prices, as general tickets will cost only $50 pesos. You can purchase your tickets at the ticket booth, the CECUT store, or online by clicking here.

In addition, students, teachers, and seniors will have a special discount, as their tickets will only cost $30 pesos. It should be noted that other movies will also be shown during this month, so if you wish to check out the entire film lineup click here.

It should be noted that last year there was a very horrifying mood inside CECUT as attendants at the first Nights of Horror cycle enjoyed blemishes of blood, corpses, and more, which led the way towards the movie room where they were welcomed by a red light that increased the feelings of terror and mystery before the movie began.

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